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Best Tips for Finding the Lowest Hotel Room Prices


Do you want to find the lowest hotel prices available? Here are some helpful tips:

1. Book overseas hotels with overseas sites

This is a basic yet effective way to save money on hotel rooms in foreign countries. For example, you can find aggregator sites abroad that offer deals on hotel rooms in the country you’re planning to visit. This is a great option since there’s a good chance they’ll be offering lower rates than sites based in your home country. Make sure to make some price comparisons to find out if that’s the case. However, it’s usually the situation, so it’s worth considering this option.

2. Start a bidding war
One way to save money on hotel room prices is to start a bidding war between hotels. It’s important, to be honest when trying to negotiate with hotels about prices. However, it would be reasonable to share the price of one hotel with another hotel. In many cases, the second hotel will be willing to offer a lower price to you to get your business

3. Lock in a rate without making a pre-payment
The rates for hotel rooms tend to go up and down frequently. One option you have is to buy ‘dibs” that allows you to lock in a rate at a hotel without making any payment yet. This allows you to lock in the price for a couple of months. So when you’re ready to book your hotel room, you can pay the locked-in price instead of the current one and the only extra cost will be the price you paid for the dibs. This can save you a small fortune in the case the price for the hotel room has sky-rocketed in the past few months.

4. Ask about corporate discounts
You might be able to get discounts through corporate perks. For example, if your relative is in the industry you might be eligible for a discount. These discounts can sometimes be quite high like 40% off the regular price.

5. Look for group travel discounts
Some websites can provide you with discounts on hotel rooms if you’re traveling in groups. So it’s worth checking out these sites.

6. Learn hotel industry lingo
It’s helpful to learn the basic lingo that’s used in the industry, which can make it more likely you can find lower prices when asking about prices for hotel rooms. They include ones like “non-refundable rate” and others and show that you know the industry, This, in turn, will also give you the ability to connect with the person you talk to so they’ll probably be more likely to quote you a better price for your stay.

7. Consider independent hotels
If you’re traveling alone, this can be an excellent option. Smaller hotels tend to offer discounts because they specialize in solo travelers. These discounts typically aren’t offered by larger hotels because they assume that two people will likely stay in one room. When checking for hotel room rates, it’s a good idea to inform them you’ll be traveling solo to find out if you can get any discounts.

8. Become an AAA member
The organization formerly known as the American Automobile Association can provide members with special rates when they rent hotel rooms. All you have to do is provide your membership number. You might be surprised by the big discounts you can receive, and they can be as high as 50% off the hotel’s published rates. That includes chains like Sheraton and Marriott. In fact, studies show that AA often offers the lowest rates for hotel reservations that can be canceled.



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