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Short Free Fire Battlegrounds Game Review

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a survival shooter battle royale mobile game developed and published by Garena International, an Indonesia based game developer company. Free Fire has multi-millions of active players and becomes a hype especially in South East Asian countries. In Free Fire Battlegrounds, you'll parachute down to the land, loot weapons, and kill your opponents. Visit the Garena free fire official website.

Garena free fire stands out with the similar battle royale and PvP mobile games including Fortnite, PUBG, Rules of Survival, Hopeless Land, and even Mobile Legends or Clash of Clans. However, the game features X factors which make it downloaded more than 100 millions times. This article will review Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds including the hacks, gameplay, features, currencies, cheats, and other game elements.

Garena Free Fire Hack Battlegrounds Features

Garena Free Fire features popular battle royal game like the PUBG, Rules of Survival, and Fortnite. However, there will be only 50 players involved in each session. Your player will jump from the airplane and drop into certain spots of the map. Then, you’ll loot weapons, ammo, armor, and other equipment. You can take one pistol, two primary weapons, and one melee weapons. The rest gameplay is about surviving by killing other players with your weapons and being the last man/team standing.

Looting is a crucial activity in the gameplay which even determines your survival. Every player starts the game with empty hands. Once you’ve landed on the map, looting weapons and equipment is what you should do first. This is the only way you can get the weapon in garena free fire hack diamonds on ios and android. Not only that you can collect rifles and pistols, but you can also loot armor, medical kits, scopes, grenades, and other items which improve your play. You can’t buy weapons and these looted items with the coins, you’ll have to loot them.

It means that you can’t select weapon through menus or any interface since you can only loot what’s provided on the map. However, the weapons are abundant and there are also specific and rare items. Most of these items are available in the buildings so you’ll need to land on the area which at least has buildings nearby. Don’t delay to get any weapons soon if you don’t want your player gets killed in the early of the round. Use the weapons to kill your opponent and since you can load four weapons, you can use them tactically, back and forth in the battlefield.

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It’s another thing you can’t find in PUBG but you do in garena free fire generator 2019 without human verification. There are mushrooms throughout the landscape on the map which can be collected and you’ll gain more hp for your player. They’re actually unlimited in number but take some time to reappear in the same spot. It’s a little bit unrealistic but surprisingly, since all players have access to the mushrooms, the battlegrounds of free fire generator ios and mod apk become more dynamic. Like other battle royale games, garena free fire diamond generator also has airdrops which provide you with supplies.

Some times, airdrops also carry special weapons which are rarely found in the map. However, these airdrops don’t free you from looting obligation nor replace it. In other hands, there would be enemies looking after for those special items so you need to be careful when collecting items from airdrops. It could be a distraction either so if the area is shrinking soon, it’s better to ignore the airdrops and just head to the safe zone.
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The winner is simply the last man standing. However, your enemy isn’t only the other players, since you’ll also have to survive the shrinking area. It’s probably a good idea to avoid battlefields in the early time of the round but you can’t stay in your hiding all the time. The play zone will shrink over time and being outside it will gradually kill your player just like what happen in PUBG gameplay. It drives the players to be in the playable area so you need to ensure that your player is fully equipped all the time. In the end, you’ll have to face your opponents. The map is quite large, KMs in scale so you can be a runner to cross through the landscape but there are also vehicles to drive you from point to point faster. The vehicles are available across the map and you find jeeps, sports cars, pickup trucks, golf cart, monster truck, motorcycle, four wheelers, amphibious motorcycle, and so forth.

It should be noted open vehicles like motorcycle or golf cart expose you to open fire. It is so easy. Just visit the website and use free fire diamond hack generator 2019. However, even such pickup trucks don’t work well as armor nor replace it and they can be wrecked as well. In other hands, you can also use a vehicle to kill your enemies by crashing your truck or car to them.

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Weapons are abundant in Free Fire and they feature different stats replicating their real-world version. Knowing these types of weapon is very important to support your playing styles or strategies. For example, you can use assault riffle for mid-range battle, pistols for short-range, and snipers for long-range. However, there are some issues of the weapon power as some people reported the free fire cheats assault riffles are too deadly for long-range compared those appeared in similar games.

Garena Free Fire Game Modes Hack Version

Garena Free Fire basically feature battle royale gameplay and three modes as you can play the game as solo, duo, or squad just like you can find in the PUBG. In duo and squad, the death of a member doesn’t take the team out of the game and they can play until they become winner chicken dinner/BOOYAH or simply dead.

Free fire hack also has Rush Hour game mode which is actually 20-player modes int he newest updates. It was available before but then retrieved until the last updates, they came back. The major differences are Rush Hour only feature 20 players on the battleground, the safe zone shrinks faster than casual rounds, and there would be high-ranked weapons and loots throughout the map. However, Rush Hour is currently only available on the weekends so it appears more likely a game event than a mode.

You Can Also Download Free Fire Mod Apk

The main Free Fire’s in-game currencies include coins and diamonds. Coins are the primary currency consumed to purchase other resources, boost your character’s skills, and to perform general tasks in the game. Each session of the game you’ve completed reward you with a certain amount of coins. Diamonds are the premium currency in Free Fire used to unlock new characters, redeem cosmetic items, and perform premium tasks. Diamonds are harder to get than the coins, grinding through battle and killing opponents could be tough. You can redeem Diamonds with real money or Garena shells. Garena free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds has the controls set fully on-screen while you can choose the first person or third person shooter. The control buttons include firing, running, crouching, jumping, and prone. The aiming is performed with a specific button and you can use the rest of your screen to control aiming. As expected, these on-screen controls are a little bit confusing especially if you haven’t played similar battle royale games mod apk.

The major issue is that you can’t expect console or desktop controls especially the common combination of aiming-firing-moving/jumping at the same time. The on-screen control is, to some extent, less tactical as you can only have the combinations of moving-aiming, moving-firing, and aiming-firing. For example, when you’re aiming while firing, you can’t move. These less tactical controls are inevitable in most first-person shooter mobile games including Garena Free Fire. Fortunately, this situation is applied to all players and you’ll master the controls after playing several rounds.

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Garenas Free Fire offers a quite decent graphic for a first-person shooter mobile game. The animation and FPS are considerably smooth but certainly, you can’t expect details of the PC game. Garena keeps the game light and optimizes the graphics so it can be played by all range of phones. It’s probably a strategical decision since Fee Fire targets millions of Southeast Asian players. You might find when you’re reloading magazine while moving, the gesture far for realistic. Some graphic details aren’t present but the overall graphic works have successfully captured the game experience of the genre. In our opinion, Free Fire has been developed to a more realistic shooter game to grab PUBG’s market in the same region. The designs of the character are very good but you might not enjoy them while in the battlegrounds.

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Yep, you can’t buy anything which can ease your winning but you can purchase the cosmetic items. These include top-to-toe outfits and weapon skins which are available in various designs and colors. You can get these cosmetic items through in-app purchases or events. You can loot these items from your dead opponents but you’ll never have it as your storage or default outfits, you should purchase them on your own. These items don’t affect your play at all as even the weapon skins only change your weapon appearance but they still feature the same power. Cosmetic items can be redeemed with either diamonds or in-app purchases.

Learn How To Earn Diamonds With Garena Free Fire Cheats

Garena Free Fire applies serious development through their updates. They’re not only fixing bugs but also develop details of the gameplay to improve the gaming experience. These including adding new game modes, adding new weapons, and even change the function of existing weapons. For example, they activate burst fire mode on those which were formerly not. Some game modes are also added and removed through updates. In other hands, garena free fire cheats 2018 & 2019 also develops the game to support big screen performances and there are more developments through updates.

Free Fire Hack Is Available for Everyone

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Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds has extensive features and some of them have explained above. However, these following features below are the highlighted ones which could also play as distinctive factors of the game towards its competitors. Garena Free Fire has a specific area on the map which has high tier supplies and this area is officially called a hot zone. It’s pretty much like a "default airdrop” which allows you to loot deadly weapons, strong armor, top medkits, and so forth.

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